About me

Mountainbiking is my life


Date of birth
04th of October 1997
Place of residence
Surfing, kitesurfing, cooking
Favourite food
Fajitas, Pizza
Mauna Loa Bikers Solothurn
JR Racing // Bergstrom Werksmannschaft
The Rhizome – Magglingen
Technical climbs and dowhnills
Professional-Mountainbiker & Coach
Greatest successes
1st UCI E-XCO World Cup Charade
1st UCI E-XCO World Cup Girona
1st E-XCO Swiss Championships Disentis
2nd European Championships Team Relay Graz
2nd U23 XCO Swiss Championships Andermatt
3rd UCI E-XCO World Championships Les Gets
6th XCC Swiss Championships Lugano
8th U23 UCI MTB World Cup Nové Město

It is a pleasure to see a young athlete making great progress, always working on himself to set the bar higher and higher. The first two year of our collaboration were marked by success. I'm very much looking forward to the further successes and the collegial cooperation.

Fabian Obrist – Bergstrom Brand Manager

This will make you faster on the bike!

A tricky rockgarden in a race is always a good challenge and shows who can handle his bike the best.

Currently it's the #goldstandard fork from DT Swiss. This is a special edition and only selected riders are allowed to ride this product.

The tyres are the only contact point to the ground and for this reason this noise is very important. Every surface sounds different and from these noises I notice how much grip I have on the surface or how good the rolling resistance is. For this reason I never ride with headphones during my mountainbike trainings.

The smell of the nature is extremely diverse and it's worth to use all senses during the training. This is also one of the reasons why I love my sport so much. The special smell of my Sponser Sport Food Liquid Energy Gels I only associate with racing, because I only use them during competitions.

In the races and during my intensive trainings I use the carbohydrate sports drink from Sponser Sport Food. It's available in different flavours and this offers a lot of variety. My favourite taste in summer is cool mint and in winter it's orange.

Wheel truing and a suspension fork service is really time consuming and requires a lot of experience. Fortunately, the race support from DT Swiss is always present at World Cup races and they do this job for me. I also have the possibility to bring my products to the DT Swiss headquarter in Biel. It's only a few minutes away from my home. I am very grateful for this great service

At all races in Europe we're traveling with our camping car. Like this I have always my own bed, kitchen and workshop with me. I learn to appreciate such simple things when I race outside Europe and I must rely on hotels and rental cars.

The feelings in the last minute before the start are always unique and also one of the reasons why I love racing so much. Everyone should be able to experience this mixture of adrenaline, motivation, self-confidence and also the uncertainty. When you finish the race in first place and you can cheer, everything is perfect.


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