Cyclocross Swiss Championships Hittnau

At the same place as the C1 race of the EKZ Cross Tour took place last weekend, the Cyclocross Swiss Championships were held this weekend. At this race I still felt the fatigue from my Belgium trip, but this weekend everything fited together. The preparation was perfect, the track suited me and I was extremely confident. Nothing could stand in the way for a good race.

With this confidence I started from the front row. My goal was to risk something and to do the race from the front. I managed this very well and after the start climb I was in first place and even with a small lead. Finally I could use my starting skills again. I pulled ahead immediately, but soon three more riders were able to catch up with me. Firstly I tried to keep up the pace of Kuhn, Rüegg and Forster (the later podium riders). However, I had to realize that my pace at the start was probably a bit too high and I couldn’t follow the three riders.

Some laps I had to adjust my pace a bit and lost some positions. But I didn’t let it bother me and soon I found my rhythm again. In addition, I felt more confident on the icy track every lap and risked more and more. So I went together with Gilles Mottiez on the last lap. With the second fastest lap time, I was finally able to win this fight for sixth place.


Everything came together today! The preparation was perfect, the track suited me and my confidence was big.

It was just not enough for a top-5 result, but I couldn't be more satisfied with my result.

I just missed my ambitious goal of a top-5 result in the elite category, but this race was another important milestone for me in the right direction. In the last years I always had some trouble to keep my focus at important championship races and to deliver my full performance. Today everything came together!


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