E-XCO Swiss Championships Disentis

Wow, I did it, I'm the new E-XCO Swiss Champion! To celebrate such a success only two weeks after my podium at the World Championship is just incredible.

My race is actually summarized very quickly. I set myself the goal to start fast and to pull away from my competitors already on the first difficult trail and the following climb. After that, I wanted to steadily increase my lead and contest the race alone at the top. That's exactly how I implemented my plan and when I went on the last lap, I had a lead of almost two minutes. I could only enjoy the last lap and celebrate my first Swiss Championship title at the finish.

Now I'm sure you want to know how my season will go on and what goals I still have to achieve this year. To be honest, the World Cup and the Swiss Championship were my most important races of this season and everything that comes now is a bonus. Of course I will now enjoy the last two E-XCO World Cups in Girona and Barcelona and try to get another World Cup win. With the special Swiss champion jersey I will surely have extra energy. As a season finale, I will compete in the Wines2Whales in South Africa at the end of October.


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