EKZ Cross Tour Meilen

Finally the time was there and I could start my first race in my new JR Racing clothes from Cuore of Switzerland.

The cyclocross race of the EKZ Cross Tour in Meilen was my first race since my training break and the start of a three-week race block, which also includes the cyclocross Swiss Championship in Baden and the Snow Bike Festival in Gstaad.

After my two-week training camp in Gran Canaria and more than fifty hours of training, 1175km and 25918m of climbing, I was in a good shape, but I knew that my freshness isn’t perfect yet.

I was really happy about the start at the first race of the season. I made a good start with my starting number 34 and was in the top 15 after the first corner, but I couldn’t really stay there for long and only finished the race in 37th place. Nevertheless, I tried to push myself during the whole race and to accelerate out of every corner as hard as possible to prepare for the Swiss Championship next weekend.

Now I still have a few days to train some more intensive and hard sessions.

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