Proffix Swiss Bike Cup Gstaad

Several years have passed since the last international Swiss Cup race was held in the canton of Bern. Since I first started with Swiss Cup races in the U17 category, it was the first time for me. Since the race was announced in Gstaad, I was really looking forward to this event, as I had already participated in the Snow Bike Festival there several times in winter and was always very successful.

The start took place on the runway of the airport in Saanen. With more than 50km/h we completed the first kilometer before we went into the short, steep and very decisive climb. There I was able to position myself very well in the first lap.

This steep ascent was so important because the track was always very narrow on the next kilometer and you had to be in a good position to catch a good group on the long flat section at the airport.

I always used my energy at the right time and was always able to distance some of my opponents on the climb and the following technical part. So I could fight my way up through the field. On the flat part I saved some energy before I gave it all again in the decisive climb.

This tactic turned out to be very successful and I went into the last lap with six other riders who were fighting for the 15th place.

I still had extremely good legs and tried to attack on the climb in order to distance as many riders as possible and have better chances in the final sprint. Unfortunately I still ran out of energy and had to let two riders pass me. Accordingly, I started the last kilometer with the other four riders and prepared myself for the final sprint.

Shortly before the finish I tried again with an attack and was able break away, but in the very last short climb over the airplane hangar my legs cramped up and I had to slow down again. Nevertheless, I was still able to hold three riders on distance and only got caught by one rider.

So I finished the beautiful race in the “Bernese Oberland” in 18th place and was able to get very close to the UCI points in this strong elite field.


So far I've only raced the Snow Bike Festival in Gstaad in winter. But now there was finally a Swiss Bike Cup up here.

This is how racing must feel like: Fighting until the end, lots of power and a good feeling even before the race.

After this successful race in Gstaad, two races are on the schedule this week. On Friday I will race the E-EWS (Enduro World Series) in the jersey of the BERGSTROM-Werksmannschaft in Zermatt and on Sunday my home race will take place in Langendorf. I’m already looking forward to these two challenges.




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