Proffix Swiss Bike Cup Lugano

Straight after the award ceremony at the E-XCO World Cup in Girona, I set off for the Swiss Cup race in Lugano. After about 1200km camper ride, I reached the race venue on Sunday at noon to train three laps on the XCC track in the old town in the last fifteen minutes of the official training.

I certainly didn't have the best preparation for this race, but a few minutes before the start the predicted rain came and I knew this would be my race! The start did not go as I wanted, because I did not catch my pedal correctly. So it took me two laps to finally turn into the passages with the slippery cobblestones and paving slabs in the first position. Immediately I noticed that I rode these corners faster than my competitors and I used the short but steep climb for my attack. My lead increased only slowly, but I managed after this attack that my competitors no longer caught my slipstream on the start/finish straight.

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After this attack it was clear to me, now there is only the escape to the front and then I can win my first Swiss Cup in the elite category. Inspired by the spectators and the great course I completed the last laps alone and thanks to my lead I even had the chance to enjoy the finish. This was just an incredible feeling!

I always have very good memories of the races in Ticino. I took my first Swiss Cup win in Tesserete in the junior category, my first Swiss Cup win in Carona in the U23 category and now in my second year as an elite rider in Lugano my first Swiss Cup win in the elite category.


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