Swiss Bike Cup Rickenbach

Finally the international competition season also started in Switzerland. For the first time a Swiss Cup race took place in Rickenbach, Lucerne, and I was happy to finally race in Switzerland. I felt that I had recovered well from my training camp in South Africa and I felt really fit. The course was not particularly technical, but still a lot of fun and the fast sections also promised a tactical race. Just what I like!

The start of the race was great and I was able to ride with the leading group. I tried not to go to my full limit in the first laps and didn't go along with any attacks. However, I always made sure that I was in the top five at the crucial places. I felt great, but suddenly after the third of the eight laps nothing worked and I completely fell out of my race rhythm.

Even after the race analysis on the computer, I still can't say why I suddenly had no more energy. I can only explain it with the fact that I still haven't fully recovered from the intensive training sessions in South Africa. Finishing the race with a 19th place is very disappointing for me, because I also set myself the goal this season to fight for the podium places in the Swiss Cup overall ranking. Compensating for this bad result will now be a big challenge.


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