UCI E-MTB World Cup Barcelona

The last E-XCO World Cup of the season was a big highlight for me. Together with my team, my sponsors and my suppliers we presented my new Swiss Champion Jersey and Swiss Champion Bike in Barcelona. Many thanks to all who supported me!

Extremely motivated, but a bit tired from the long season, I started the qualification round. In the end, there were only 0.7 seconds between me and the world champion. For the last time it was "RACE MODE ON" and then it was time for a well-deserved training break. That's exactly how I started the race and already in the first two laps I put a lot of pressure on the other riders with several attacks. So I managed to pull away decisively before the half of the race. This year's race lasted 7 laps of about 10 minutes each and since I chose the big 750Wh Power Tube from Bosch, I knew that I would have enough power until the end of the race and that I could use my battery advantage in the last laps. My plan worked perfectly and I was overjoyed to take my third World Cup win of the season.

There is nothing better than ending the season with a World Cup win! I finished the overall World Cup in 2nd place like last year, but I won three World Cup races this season. That makes me very confident to attack the overall World Cup victory next year.

Basically I have finished my 2022 season with the race in Barcelona. However, I will still ride the Gravel Ride in Bern on October 22nd and then finish my season with the Wines2Whales stage race in South Africa. I'm looking forward to this new experience.


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