UCI E-MTB World Cup Charade

I returned to Charade with very good memories, because a year ago I won my first E-XCO World Cup there. On this track, I especially like the special location on the former Formula 1 race track and the numerous curves and short climbs.

After the qualification on Saturday, the signs for another World Cup victory were very good. I set the fastest time there and could already be awarded with the Pole Position Award. A bit nervous, but with a very good feeling, I started into the race. Still a bit inhibited from my chain tear at the first race of the season in Monaco, I had to make up some ground after the start. From lap to lap, however, my gap to the front became smaller and when I went onto the last lap, my gap was only 15 seconds. A few meters before the finish I was able to completely close the gap to the leading rider and immediately set off for the sprint to the finish. I have never ridden such a hard sprint before, but in the end I was able to win it very close and win my first World Cup of the season. Simply incredible that I could win the World Cup in Charade three times in a row!

For the second day, the organizer decided to have the course run in the opposite direction and thus also include an extremely steep and long climb. Such parts of the track are less suitable for me as a somewhat heavier rider, but I still lost only 3 seconds in the qualification to the world champion, who was about 15 kg lighter.   This time I finally managed to start with full risk and to get the holeshot. For two laps I made a lot of speed in the front and tried to put the World Champion Jérôme Gilloux under pressure. Several times I had a small lead, but I could never pull away decisively. Jérôme and I completed a very lonely race at the front and at times even had a lead of two minutes. In the end, Jérôme Gilloux won our exciting duel. On the last laps my gap was never very big, but unfortunately I didn't manage to close the gap completely. So I had to settle for second place, but on such a steep track I'm extremely happy with that. Especially because the gap to the climber Gilloux was very small at the end. My current form is definitely right!

After the somewhat difficult start to the season in the eMTB races, this race weekend gave me an enormous amount of confidence. The bike is perfect, my support team fits and I am super fit! That's why I have also decided that I will fully concentrate on the E-XCO World Championship in the next few weeks. This race will take place in Les Gets (FRA) in just under five weeks.  


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