UCI E-XCO World Cup Girona

As at the last E-XCO World Cup races, there were again two races in Girona on two consecutive days. It was very special that we rode the course counterclockwise on the first day and clockwise on the second day. For me the track builder has made a perfect statement for the E-MTB sport, because with this bike there are no limits and it's possible to ride extremely technical and steep downhills also uphill.

The first race day did not go according to my wishes, because I had technical problems. I still got the maximum out of myself and my bike with 4th place and finished the first time an E-XCO World Cup not on the podium. After the race I was very disappointed, but there was still the second race day on the program. In hot temperatures, I was able to show once again what I was capable of and finished the race a few seconds behind the world champion.


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