Verbier eBike Festival

A packed week at the Verbier eBike Festival awaited me and my teammate Eric LÜTHI. From Wednesday to Friday, we competed together in the Tour du Mont Blanc, a three-day team stage race. Afterwards, we had a leisurely day at the festival and ended the week with the Bosch eMTB Challenge, a mini enduro race.

The highlight of the whole week was definitely the eBike World Tour. In three days we had to conquer more than 11,000 meters of altitude and 180km. The first day went a bit bumpy for my teammate and me and we first had to figure out the right team tactics. On the second and third day we found the flow and got the 2nd place and 1st place in the daily ranking. Thanks to these two last days it was still enough for us on the podium and we were allowed to finish the probably hardest eMTB race on the 3rd place. Thanks Eric, the three days were a lot of fun!

After the three intense days, we definitely deserved a relaxed day on Saturday. We couldn't do without a casual bike ride, so I decided to join my teammate and my parents on the Gourmet Ride. There you ride a signposted route and at six predetermined points you get to enjoy a delicious local specialty. From raclette to ice cream, everything was there. I can definitely recommend this event to spend a leisurely day with family and friends.

Bosch-eBike-eMTB-Challenge Verbier 2022,Verbier e-MTB Festival, am August-14-2022-Sam Buchli
Bosch-eBike-eMTB-Challenge Verbier 2022,Verbier e-MTB Festival, am August-14-2022-Sam Buchli

The conclusion of the super week was the Bosch eMTB Challenge. There, as in orienteering, we had to find the individual stages with the help of a map and ride these stages as fast as possible. Basically, it is an enduro race, but with the goal of having a lot of fun on the bike between the stages. Yes, I had a lot of fun! In the afternoon at the ranking ceremony I could hardly believe it, I was actually second and had even beaten several fast enduro riders. I could hardly have imagined a better end to the great week and a greater motivational boost for the World Championship.


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