Website launch with cubegrafik GmbH

Finally my new website is online

In the last few years I’ve planned to professionalize my website several times, but during the season I often didn’t had enough time for it and lost the project out of sight.

Last november, at a meeting with the digital agency cubegrafik GmbH in Biel, the project became more concrete and we set ourselves the goal to launch my new website until the first race of the season.

Due to the corona pandemic everything was delayed a bit, but we could invest a lot of time to make everything perfect. After several Skype calls and e-mails we’re now ready.

Already at our first meeting last november it was clear, that I absolutely wanted to work with the sympathetic cubegrafik-team from Biel.

Joris Ryf

Now all contents also in English

From now on also my fans who don’t speak German will get all information on my website in English. I always wanted to do this, but with my website construction kit this wasn’t possible. Therefore we decided to have only four subpages to make everything as clear as possible.

I always had a lot of ideas how I wanted to redesign my existing website, but with my online website construction kit this wasn't possible. The digital agency cubegrafik could realize finally all my ideas and wishes.

Joris Ryf
About me

Mountainbiking is my life

Enjoy browsing

If you haven’t already saw the new contents of my website, I hope you enjoy it. As a little tip, have a look at the page ABOUT ME, there you will find a lot of exciting information.

Now I would like to thank the digital agency cubegrafik, especially Steve, Sämi and Kilian, for the great cooperation.

Both, cubegrafik and I, are looking forward to positive feedback as well as suggestions for improvements of my new website.

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// Joris 

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