This will make you faster on the bike!

No matter if you're a hobby athlete, a bike phanatic or a professional athlete, I have the necessary knowledge to bring you further and to inspire you with mountainbiking.

In addition to my work as an active mountainbike professional, I’m also completing the education to become a certified professional trainer at Swiss Cycling. For me this serves as professional security after my career and gives me a lot of input for my training.

Thanks to this education, I coach several athletes and invest all my knowledge so that my athletes can achieve their goals. Among my athletes are junior athletes from the cross country national team, enduro riders as well as hobby athletes.

I am also an officially recognised Blackroll®-Trainer and have the opportunity to hold workshops and trainings for companies or fitness centres.


If you are interested in training plans or workshops, please contact me.

For performance tests and bikefittings I work together with the Swiss Sportclinic from Bern. The company has been my partner for several years when it comes to optimizing my training through targeted performance testing or when I want to adjust my position on my bikes.

If you work with me, you also benefit from this support and get a 20% discount on their offers.


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