Swiss Championships CX Baden

Like every year in January, the Swiss  Championships in cyclocross took place again, this time in Baden on a track that I have always enjoyed in the past years. After I’v had always finished this championship in the top-5 in the juniors and U23 category since the 2015 season, this year it was time for my first official race as an elite rider.

Although I had only raced the EKZ Cross Tour in Meilen as preparation and had also completed a tough performance test at the Swiss Sportclinic on the wednesday before, I felt ready for the race on Sunday.

Right from the start I realized that a good result would be possible today. My legs turned well and I had a powerful start. Also the intensive technique training of the past days had paid off and I could master the difficult parts cleanly.

In the first two laps I tried to keep up with two riders who were currently seventh and eighth, but the constant high pace was a bit too high for me and I had to let go. For a short time I had to fight very hard, but fortunately I recovered very quickly and was able to have a thrilling fight with another rider for the remaining five laps and secure the 10th place.

Accordingly, I am very satisfied with my first Swiss Championship as an elite rider and the resulting top 10 result and the race also showed me that I’m on the right track for the mountain bike season with my training.

Now the first MTB race is already on the schedule for next weekend. I will start again at the Snow Bike Festival in Gstaad and will be allowed to stay overnight again in the beautiful Park Gstaad Hotel.

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