Video: Joris Ryf’s DREAM BUILD // Thömus Sliker X

I can’t imagine anything better than assembling my bikes myself. Not only because I can choose every single component myself, but also because I get to know my bike and the characteristics of the parts very well.

For a long time I wanted to make a BIKE BUILD video. Now I finally took the opportunity and built a Thömus Sliker X as a Gravelbike.

At the end of this blog you will find the link to my YouTube video, but first I would like to introduce you my new bike with some photos.

Certainly there is still room for improvement, but fortunately I still have the opportunity to build some more bikes.

Frame, wheels und tires

I have chosen a Thömus Sliker X frame. This frame offers a lot of different usage possibilities. With the right attachments you can build a gravelbike, cyclocrossbike, roadbike or citybike.

Matching to the other simple parts are the ERC 1200 wheels from DT Swiss and as a highlight the G-ONE Ultrabite from Schwalbe in the classic-skin color. For a gravelbike these tires have quite a lot of profile, but I was surprised how well these tires are rolling.


Finishing parts

Handlebars and seatpost are made by Bike Ahead Composites from Germany. On the seatpost I have mounted a SQlab 612 saddle, there I use the same product line as on my mountainbike.

The 440mm wide handlebars I’ve fitted with a handlebar tape from ESI Grips. The slightly thicker handlebar tape made of silicone absorbs minor bumps and vibrations very well.

The stem is directly from Thömus and therefore all cables can be led cleanly through the stem into the frame. Unpleasant cable openings are a thing of the past.


Groupset and brakes

For the shifting I rely on the Ultegra Di2 from Shimano. Instead of the normal derailleur I used the RX version. Like the mountainbike derailleur, this model has an integrated chain tensioner to minimize chain rattling.

Instead of the normal 2-speed  I use a single chainring from Wolftooth. With the big 11-34t cassette I have enough gears even on ascents and eleven gears are enough for my style of riding.

For the brakes I ride the standard Shimano models, but I replaced the brake pads with the 270P+ from Trickstuff. These offer a bit more brake power. In the near future I will also mount flatmont brake calipers from Trickstuff there.

The Thömus Sliker X frame is a true all-rounder. Whether as a gravelbike, cyclocrossbike, roadbike or citybike, with the right equipment everything is possible.

I would also like to thank all suppliers of JR Racing who supported the video. I would be very pleased about a feedback or suggestions for improvements.

If the BIKE BUILD video will receive a lot of positive feedback, I will also create a video when I build my new Thömus Lightrider Worldcup.


// Joris

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